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Hebbal Kempapura

Dr. G.Venkatasubramaniam, is one of the busy Vitreo Retinal surgeon based in North Bangalore, and is the Medical Director of RANGALAKSHMII NETRALAYA located at Yelahanka New town, Bangalore North. With more than 17+ years of clinical practice, and 10+ years of advanced retinal practice, His area of work primarily caters to Diabetic related eye disease and diabetic vitrectomy. He was one of the pioneers in PDT treatment for age related Macular Degeneration (ARMD). His special interest has been ARMD and has been active in clinical research and a member of Novartis Advisory Board and has presented research papers in Geneva and Mauritius.

Ardent academician he has the distinction of two Gold medals one in ophthalmology and the other in medicine. He has a publication in American Journal of Opthalomology June 2008 issue on role of Bevacizumab in CRVO. His other publications are on Central Serous Retinopathy and Diabetic Vitrectomies in Indian Journal of Opthalomology.

Apart from variety of Vitrectomies and retinal detatchments he has performed modern phaco emulsifications with latest Alcon systems and masters the art of Sutureless Cataract Surgery. He is presently involved in research on Retnitis Pigmentosa and Hereditary retinal degeneration. A pan optholomologist in making he has performed Squint and Oculoplasty surgeries including artificial eye and orbital prosthesis.Also he is a Consultant at Modi eye hospital.

Rangalakshmii Netralaya since its inception in May 2002 as a small clinic has grown under his leadership into a leading SUPER SPECIALITY EYE care centre in North Bangalore. The specialities include cataract micro surgeries including Modern Phaco emulsification, Multifocal IOL, and refractive IOL surgery, Glaucoma services and field analyzer, vitreo retinal services including all major surgeries and latest luminies imported lasers, Squint and Oculoplastics, Cornea services, including Lamellar Kerotoplasty, Lasik and Eye Robics. The centre is also a part of Sri Gurumangala Eye Foundation and has conducted free surgeries in and around Bangalore, Kanakapura, Doddaballapur and Tumkur Districts. The centre has conducted many eye check camps for MNC companies and some of the prestigious schools in and around Bangalore. Motto of the centre is "LIGHT IN DARKNESS" speaks the intent and sincerity within. The logo encompasses vision to world the EYE Within its two palms.